Hydrangea !!

If you click on the photo of the Hydrangea it will enlarge it.


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4 Responses to Hydrangea !!

  1. Pretty! A neighbor last night told me I need to start pruning my hydrangea (the ones that are sort of starting to droop) already! I just can’t imaging mowing those blossoms down to the nub right now.

    When do you prune your beauties?

  2. Providing summers are reasonable good and not the sodden fiascos they’ve been this year in Scotland, you can cut hydrangeas when there’s still a little colour in them and they’ll keep for quite some time. Alternatively, you can dry them and spray paint with gold or silver. Eyecatching.

  3. Rita Kay says:

    What a great idea to paint the Hydrangeas I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the great tip!!!

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