Update on Surgery

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would let you all know there’s a new recipe on my other site  http://teachingdavidtocook.com/, the recipe is Chicken Pomodoro.  It’s another super easy recipe that tastes dee~licious; when you get a chance check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

I also want to update you all on how I’m doing after surgery. Well it’s been 2 weeks and 1 day since I had a partial knee replacement. I must admit I’m in a lot of pain and it’s taking me a lot longer to move around than I would like. The last 2 days I’ve been trying to “learn” how to walk up and down the stairs again. They sent me home with a very long list of “things” I had to do, one of the “things” on the list the doctor wants me to do is ….. exercise my knee; he’s such a funny man. Doesn’t he realize exercise and Rita don’t go in the same sentence? With that said I’ve been very good; every day like clockwork I do my exercises.  Don’t worry I complain the whole time I’m doing them, Wally really enjoys that 🙂

To all of you who have had knee replacement I’m sorry I wasn’t more sympathetic. I didn’t realize the pain that was involved.

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the last of the summer weather. I won’t be long before fall is upon us.

Have a Happy and Healthy weekend. Don’t forget to let me know how you like the Chicken Pomodoro recipe.
~Rita Kay



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Surgery Tomorrow

Happy Almost Thursday Everyone !!!

I want to let you all know that tomorrow morning I’m having a “Unicompartmental Implant” or as I like to say a partial knee replacement.  Even though it is a partial replacement I still will be unable to do normal activities for roughly 5 weeks. The information they sent home with me said that “Complete surgical healing takes 6-8 weeks.”

I want to apologize to all of you who have posted and whose blogs I follow; I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. I’ve been trying to get everything ready in the house and outside in my garden, so Wally (my husband) doesn’t have so much to do.

I’ll try to post when I’m feeling better.

I hope you all are doing well.

~Rita Kay

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Love the Big Chair !!!

Sometimes we just need a good laugh. I hope this puts a smile on your face.

Love the Chair

Love the Chair

Love the Chair

Love the Chair

I hope you all are enjoying the summer !!

Have a Happy and Healthy Thursday !

~Rita Kay

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Happy 4th of July !!!

Happy 4th

Happy 4th

4th of July

4th of July

Happy 4th

Happy 4th

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Opt Out Friday !!

Today is Opt Out Friday !!!

Ok so I made that up, but I thought it just might be a good idea. You see I had this great idea to pick a day where you can opt out of following me on this site. I realize that many of you follow me on my other site http://teachingdavidtocook.com/  so if you want to you can follow me on that site only; or if you still want to follow me on both sites that would be great.

I might be changing this site and posting more, so I thought I would give you the option to opt out.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Have a Happy and Healthy Friday !

~Rita Kay

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I Tore My Meniscus Again, 3 Times !!!


Torn Meniscus

Torn Meniscus

I tore my Meniscus 3 times !!!

I thought I would check with you all to see if anyone has had the problems I’ve had with my Meniscus.

Last June (2012) I had surgery to repair my Meniscus on my left knee (Surgery number 1).
By November (2012) sad to say I tore it again (same knee) so back in I went for another surgery (Surgery number 2).

January (2013) came along and I tore my Meniscus on my right knee (Surgery number 3).

Here it is March 29, 2013 and I believe my right knee is torn again.
I’ve had 3 repairs on my Meniscus since June 2012; and now possibly another tear to my right knee.

I don’t understand how this has happened. I’m a stay at home house wife that likes to garden. My husband does all the heavy work, not only in the garden but in the house as well.
Yesterday I sat and cried I was in so much pain with my right knee.

Has anyone torn their Meniscus the way I have? Please …… I need to hear some feedback; I’m at my wit’s end.

~Rita Kay

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Check Out This Site !!

Hi Everyone !!!

I want to let you all know about another WordPress blog that I follow. The site is http://ajaykercheyartist.wordpress.com/ Ajay is an artist who lives in Poole, Dorset which is located in the United Kingdom. I’ve been following Ajay for quite some time now and I thoroughly enjoy his work.

Ajay does everything from oil paintings to sketches to pet portraits. I must admit that my favorite work he does is that of the seascapes and animals; the detail is just unbelievable!!!

Make sure you check out Ajay’s site and follow him, like any WordPress site it’s all about how many followers you have and how many clicks you have on your site.

I know a lot of you love to paint and draw so I thought you would enjoy Ajay’s work.
When you visit Ajay’s site tell him that Rita said Hi.
Have a great week !!
~Rita Kay

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